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New to croquet?


Most people learned backyard croquet with 9 wickets. At SCCC, we play 6-wicket croquet, combining strategy with skill and accuracy. The wickets are much tighter than the rounded backyard kind.

Sarasota County Croquet Club offers: 

• Reasonable membership fees ($165–210 per person)
• Free clinics to learn the game or improve yours
• A chance to compete, if that’s what you want
• A friendly atmosphere in which to make friends 


Croquet is not a game requiring muscle mass or speed. So, it can be played by men and women of all ages.


Our weekly schedule shows clinics and open play time in each game.


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Already play croquet?


If you’ve played elsewhere and want to join SCCC, welcome!


Top players (including those we hosted for the 2019 AC Nationals) recognize our six lawns as among the best in America.


Our membership is friendly and talented; some of our top players teach free clinics to newcomers and intermediate players. 

To learn more about croquet, visit these web sites:

United States Croquet Association

International Croquet Association

Croquet World On-Line Magazine

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